Snowboarding in Africa

April 12, 2018

10th of February, 2018 Morocco, Africa

If your dreams happens, standing sideways, Morocco is a paradise in february, you really can get good untracked 3 minutes long runs and drive 3 hours from Marrakesh to Thagazut and score epic waves and skate some concrete parks!
They even have a wakeboard cable park next to Marrakesh!
Everybody has dreams – bucket lists..

Morocco stand in the top3 destination on my surfbucket list.
So, when i got the phone call from my austrian professional snowboarder friend, Mathias Weissenbacher, that in two days, they wanna fly to Morocco for a snow and surf trip

(this time i already living the landlocked, mountain life in Innsbruck),  i coudnt wish any better crew! (including Adrian Kleiner)

2 days out of the 10, we luckly scored some epic fresh, light powder, but after, the snow got backed (no surprise,its next to the Sahara), so even the 3600 meter hight didnt helped, we drove down to the coastline to score again but this time a North-West Overhead swell!

Morocco is crowded, everybody who hates cold water or wanna get sunshine from the dark europien winter, flys down, so spanish, germans, portugese,french people everywhere.
The only option is the sunrise surf, if you are motivatied enough to put on a wet cold wesuit in the cold windy weather..

Its not a foodblog, but i have to mention, i ate the most bred in 10 days in my life here, but also the best fruits around, best taste, no GMO around..