``If you don't go, you don't know``

– I always try to force myself to go, even if it’s scary. It makes me feel alive.

As a Budapest, Hungarian born (1982) kid, I never dreamt about becoming a skater, snowboarder nor a surfer one day. Growing up in a not very privileged Eastern European, flat and landlocked country, skateboarding became my way of expressing myself: finding my own individual flow and my personal style. Skateboarding gave me the feeling of ultimate freedom.

Around my 20s I bought my first videocamera and from that moment on a whole new world opened up to me. Creating a story about other skaters with the same love for the sport, filming friends, who were also always pushing their limits, got me hyped in a way, like nothing had ever touched nor interested me before. Filmmaking became my big passion.

After years of filming and skating I decided to turn my passion into my profession. I worked for a TV station in Budapest for 5 years. After that I lived and filmed Snowboarding for 6 years in the Alps. A couple of years ago I fell in love with surfing and started to work as an in water photographer.

Today, I’m still feeling the same passion for filmmaking and photography as I did back in the days, when it all first started. I still want to go out every day and shoot! Filmmaking has given me the opportunity to travel the world and to see places I would have never dreamt of being able to see otherwise. I am every day very thankful for that.

Who knows, what the future will bring? But I know, that I am happy as long as I can inspire even just one person to live a more passionate and adventurous life through my photography or films. The smile happy people have in their faces is pure and honest, it’s worth every shot!